Schedule & Events

Upcoming Event

Rev. Norm Gustafson, Sensei, will lead an Extended Program on Saturday, February 24;  with extra Zazen meditation.  He will  give the talk about Dogen Zenji’s teachings: “Flowers Fall….”

As usual, lunch is silent — bring your own “brown bag.”    We’re requesting an additional $20 donation for the extended day.

Three practice hallmarks of Zen practice are: Zazen, Retreats, and Practice Discussion. This Saturday is an important opportunity for a “mini-retreat” of extended sitting, including Practice Discussion with the Teacher. 

Past Highlights

We had our “New-Year’s Eve-Eve Zazenkai” on Saturday, Dec. 30.    We had a great time reflecting with Gratitude on 2017; and talked about new intentions for Zen practice in 2018.  We had burning of this year’s deceased altar name cards; and burning of our private karma. 

In December we ended our Fall 2017 Practice Period.  We celebrated Bodhi Day (Buddha’s Enlightenment) with tea, snacks, and chocolate cake!

Regular Features:

Our regular weekly meeting is: Saturdays 9-11 a.m. — Each session includes two periods of seated Zen meditation, a period of walking meditation, a talk, discussion, and light refreshments. Meditation instruction is provided for newcomers. One-to-one private meetings with a trained teacher are also available upon request.  (Email for gate code:

ZCF offers many events throughout the year, including extended meditation retreats.  We also offer extended sitting schedules and one-day intensives (“Zazenkai”) on occasional Saturdays.  We will have occasional special Public Lectures, classes, or other events.    Please check our Facebook page for information; and please “like” us!

We no longer have regular Monday or Wednesday EVENING meetings!

For further information, call Rev. Norm at  (559) 301-6570.   Leave a message.

If no answer, call Rev. Bruce at (559) 433-5379; 0r Rev. Brian at (559) 916-0988.



Central Valley Zen Foundation

The Central Valley Zen Foundation (CVZF) is a non-profit religious organization devoted to the teaching and practice of Zen Buddhism. The Foundation is funded by tax deductible donations and currently supportsfour Zen practice groups in California’s Central Valley: Empty Nest Zen Group in North Fork, Valley Heartland Zen Group in Modesto, Zen Center of Fresno, and Modesto Zen Buddhist Recovery Group. CVZF was founded by Abbess Myoan Grace Schireson.