About the Zen Center of Fresno

We have moved!   We are now at: 371 E. Bullard Ave. Ste. 102, in Fresno.  You MUST have the “Gate Code” to access the Zen Center on Saturdays and Evenings after 7 p.m.    Please contact John (jwalked@gmail.com) for the Gate code!


Zen Center of Fresno welcomes anyone interested in Zen Buddhist practice as a path to living an awakened, ethical life.   ZCF is open to all, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, background, religious affiliation, or sexual preference.   No previous experience with Buddhism or meditation is necessary.

Zen Center of Fresno is a Soto Zen practice place in the Suzuki Roshi lineage.   Our practice is based on Zen meditation and includes study, discussion, ritual, service, community, and the support of trained teachers.   We are a non-profit organization, supported entirely by donations.

Our weekly meetings are now at our location at 371 E. Bullard Ave. Ste. 102, in Fresno (East-bound Bullard Ave., between Hwy. 41 and N. Fresno, on right side).

For more information, please explore this website or use our contact form.

Central Valley Zen Foundation

The Central Valley Zen Foundation (CVZF) is a non-profit religious organization devoted to the teaching and practice of Zen Buddhism. The Foundation is funded by tax deductible donations and currently supportsfour Zen practice groups in California’s Central Valley: Empty Nest Zen Group in North Fork, Valley Heartland Zen Group in Modesto, Zen Center of Fresno, and Modesto Zen Buddhist Recovery Group. CVZF was founded by Abbess Myoan Grace Schireson.